Update 12.06.21

Good afternoon everyone,

Earlier update than normal today so here goes.

Doctors were going to start “waking” Ingrid from yesterday which they were doing however the have sedated her again last night.

Two reasons, 1 she has picked up a bug/bacteria which is causing high temperatures etc which they want to get under control.

2 the ventilator pipe and others which are through her mouth currently appear to be irritating her as she is waking up.

Doctors are giving antibiotics to reduce fever etc and have decided to let her rest until Monday.

On Monday the plan is to remove all pipes from her mouth and insert them through her throat (can’t remember the medical term, think it’s a tracheostomy?)

Then they will attempt to reduce the sedation and wake her.

Next week she is also scheduled for a back op to fix the L2 vertebra which was severely damaged in the crash.

I will update over the weekend if anything changes but otherwise thanks again for all the messages, call, coffee’s & chocolates delivered to the shop (staff say please don’t stop!!!!)

Have a great weekend everyone and please stay safe on your bikes and in your cars!



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