Update 09.06.21

Good evening,

So not too much happening today.

The doctors are slowly getting Ingrid out of the induced coma.

They have been progressing slow which is fine for us. This is giving her time to heal.

I was with her this afternoon and she is really looking good. Facial op is healing so well.

Breathing in improving and we hoping by tomorrow the ventilator can be removed but this will depend how the night goes.

Also next week she will need a back op to repair the L2 which has extensive damage.

Still a lot of unknowns at this stage but we know on the physical side doctors can mend her, the mental side still needs a lot of assessment which can only start in the coming days.

We happy with the medical team for all they are doing for her and the updates they giving us.

We also feel sometimes we need more updates but as we have been told, the slower the recover the better.

ALL updates will be done via the group page once a day as we can’t give updates to each personal message during the day.

We appreciate the encouragement and prayers via direct messages as always but please let us update everyone via the group, really will help us so much.

On a side note, thanks to the people who have decided to visit their mothers this week since finding out about my mom. Tomorrow isn’t a certainty so make the most of today.

Chat tomorrow,



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